KrillDesign.net is an innovative Italian start up that makes exclusive sustainable design lamps.

We work according to the principles of Circular Economy to achieve products that generate zero impact through the whole life cycle.

Circular Economy

Krill and nature. Beauty lies in unity

– Enchanting krill, you are translucent and no more big than a leaf, but with your fellows you move across the oceans in vast coral clouds –

The krill is a small crustacean that inhabits the depths of the sea and belongs to one of the most populous species on earth. It lives in an uncontaminated habitat and is as pure as the sea it crosses.

Despite its small size, it forms shoals as big as cities; although it is not often seen, it constitutes a fundamental link in the chain of the marine ecosystem.

Without him the sea would not be the populated place of life we know.

Krill is also surprisingly long-lived for its size. Strong and light, durable and delicate, useful and harmonious. In short, it possesses all the qualities we would like the things that surround us had.

Just like the marine krill, the products by Krill Design – lamps, vases and various accessories – are informed by neatness and beauty: all features nature is typically instilled with.

Like the little krill, Krill Design is part of a cycle that from nature goes back to nature. It is no coincidence that Krill objects are produced in an organic material known as polylactide or PLA, completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

The unique pieces designed by Krill creative team are conceived to last, but above all to be loved by those who use them, as well as by the environment. The philosophy behind the brand is the sustainability and flexibility applied to production and to the life-cycle of the objects, in perfect continuity with the natural habitat.

Another characteristic of Krill is the ability to combine ultra-contemporary design and shapes that evoke the natural elements. Distinctive features of these objects are the three-dimensional patterns that enfold the satin surface, the neutral colours that enhance the quality of lighting and the airiness that makes them discreet and at the same time notable.

Krill lamps are the state of the art of the most evolved design from an ethical and aesthetic point of view. They are “self-produced products” that grow with those who choose them and endure in the hands of those who decide to give them life. In this sense they fight waste and revolutionize the way we relate to objects, which become an extension of our thinking and an integrated element in our world.

At the forefront of design and philosophy of use, the lines of Krill have the timeless elegance of the rock formations in the deserts, of the coral banks and the Banyan trees. They combine the curves of the Paleolithic Venuses and the edges of the amygdales. Prehistoric and futuristic, ergonomic and everlasting like the cycles of the seasons, their presence in the space inhabited by humans is in harmony with the habitat of the planet Earth.

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